2017 - 2019



Lore, Character Development, Copy, Social

Bridging gameplay truths and existing fandoms of each champion with their alt-fantasy personas, K/DA's website showcases the pop stars as real world celebrities. As the writer, I interfaced with the music video team, navigated policy to create globally resonant and legal identities, and wrote copy throughout the campaign. Get to know them better close. Be careful, Eve bites.


Clash - League of Legends' Tournament Mode

Marquee, UX, Copy, Explainer, Social

Clash allows players of all skill levels to experience the competitive thrill of tournaments. The marquee spot captured the thrill and hype while the rest of the campaign focused on the complex landscape of tournament gaming.


Champion Spotlights

Gameplay, Comedy, Scriptwriting

These have been a League staple since the game began. Spotlights show players how to play a champion after they're released. The tone is casual and cheeky; always a pun time.


Champion Trailers

Gameplay, Lore, VO, Scriptwriting

Here's where the team dives in to the lore and gameplay of a champion to deliver the fantasy to players.


Honor IRL - Live Action Ads

Creative Lead, Writer

Creative directed and wrote three live action spots for League of Legends' product Honor. After pitching resonant influencers from esports pros to community cosplayers, my team filmed the spots across the world (Berlin, Korea, Los Angeles). These spots released during League of Legends Worlds 2017.



VO, Trailers

I write champion dialogue, quotes, VO, lore, and story. In Akali's rework, she was entirely overhauled. Narrative responsibilities included writing new in-game voice lines and a trailer script.


Landing Pages

Branding, Copy

Custom websites let players dive deep into new features or yearly products. For Year in Review, I pitched and wrote a community oriented one-liner for each champion. Sites: Clash, Honor, End of Season, Year in Review, and more.


Editorial and Articles

Branding, Copy

I write the news posts ranging from editorial style pieces to branded marketing messaging, depending on product goals.



Panels, Workshops, Keynote Speaker

For students interested in games to the community of games workers, I speak on panels or present talks on working in games, empowering women and minorities, and interactive storytelling workshops.
We the X-men: International Women's Day
Interactive K/DA storytelling with UCIesports
Virtual Careers panel at UCR


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