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Hi, I'm Indu

A senior writer in Los Angeles.


i write trailers, copy, and narrative

7+ years of professional writing in games and advertising


K/DA POP/STARS - Shorty Award

Ahri, the nine-tailed fox mage, brought together a band of independent artists to create music empowering fans everywhere to live their best life as a POP/STAR. I wrote their alt-fantasy world. This campaign won the Shorty Award for Gaming.

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League of Legends Spotlights

If they're a poke heavy support champ with high escapability, it's my job to present their gameplay and identity with that unique style so the right players jump on it.


Honor, In Real Life

Honoring teammates is about more than who carried. It's about who kept you going when it got tough. I wrote ads for each Honor category to launch League of Legends' Honor system at World 2017.

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Founding a creative agency at 23 taught me the ropes of global campaigns. Then the creative process on League of Legends became my world, diving into rivetting story and writing across platforms. I can direct a team of creatives or plug right into yours and deliver. I'm available for freelance jobs in entertainment and games. Stories bring the world empathy and connection. I want to find the heart of yours and bring it to the world.

@induTHEwriter - tweet, insta