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Professional History

Creative Director, Writer

june 2023 - present

Crunchyroll (Sony) - Creative Director

Crunchyroll is a streaming platform with the world's largest largest anime library. I pitch marketing for AAA anime titles to Executives in Japan and the USA to create experiential campaigns for fans of anime. See our work across the world in print, traditional advertising, award shows, experiential events and conventions.

feb 2020 to june 2023

Team Liquid - Creative Director

Team Liquid is a legacy esports team that wins a lot. At two plus decades, TL is ramping up its creative team to evolve into a mutli- generational brand. In 2020 year TL launched Liquid+, the first fan engagement platform in esports, and continues to expand their influence as the top team in NA. I've built a creative team of copywriters and editorial writers to uplift our brand through authentic stories and campaigns. 

Director of Brand (2022)

Writing Director (2021)
Senior Copywriter (2020)

aug to sept 2019

Vice Media - Freelance Senior Copywriter

At Vice's creative studio, Virtue, I freelanced to launch Call of Duty League and introduce a new era of sports and competition in games. This 2 month launch involved a complete brand guide for CODL and creative to inform their league even years later.

feb 2017 to june 2019

Riot Games - Copywriter

League of Legends is a complex and rich landscape to work on story and voice. On publishing I spent time in creative ideation, pitching, and delivering final words in copy or narrative. I’ve worked on award-winning marquee videos and campaigns as a copy and narrative writer, and as a creative lead on various projects. Every champion and product has a unique tone and we define what that is. League voice is casual, but our champions are not. Each skin, new champ, rework, and patch means something. If you feel that, GG.

nov 2013 to jan 2017

League Made Inc - Founder / Writer

I founded this full service creative agency to learn how to do these things rather than wait for the experience. The market is always shifting, people want new things every year. Learning how to adapt across markets is based on how deep you're willing to go to find your brand truth. Then communicate that truth in different ways to different people. And you're in business.

clients: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Max Brenner Restaurants, Condé Nast, Google, Langham Hotels

apr 2013 to oct 2013

Millward Brown Digital - QA Engineer / Junior DevOps Engineer

So back in the day I used be a QA Engineer on CompetePro, an analytics software. This is how I learned product pipelines and how consumers are targeted through marketing. It also helps to have a dev background when working closely with them ;).

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